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LIFE, Leading Innovation For Evolved Animal Nutrition.


LIFE was born, as a great entrepreneurial project, from the desire of some nutritionists, veterinarians and entrepreneurs in the livestock sector to create the "Nutrition of tomorrow" and bring it to all farms. The company produces food supplements for zootechnical use for cattle and pigs.


Feeding means ensuring life, hence the choice of the name LIFE, with the ambition to bring "nourishment" in all respects. This is well represented by the chosen symbol, that is the Tree of Life, ancient and rich in meanings that include Life in all its aspects.


For LIFE, feeding means not only producing food but also bringing to its customers, through research and development, innovation, growth and profit.


LIFE's mission is therefore growth, continuous discovery and the pleasure of creating with passion and awareness so as to ensure greater well-being for animals, the environment and, therefore, also for all of us.


"Leading Innovation": the continuous collaboration with the main multinationals in the sector that allows us to always be one step ahead in research and innovation, thus being able to choose, from a wide range, the products that best correspond our concept of nutrition with the proposal of always new solutions.


"For Evolved Animal Nutrition": that is not only growth but also a strong attitude to change and continually evolve towards the best, respond to new needs by experimenting with new solutions and proceeding with passion towards new goals, strengthened by the experience gained over many years of work.

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